No Boy Talk


Photo on 2010-05-22 at 21.40 #2A MONUMENTAL social shift has just happened! Four women got together tonight and not once did we talk about men. Unless you count our massage therapists. There was a great deal of discussion around the pelvis, but it was all about releasing the sacrum.


And I don’t mean there’s an absence of love for the opposite gender here. Three uniquely wonderful men are partnered with the gals I was with and most certainly I have fine fellows around me swimming by in this beautiful sea. What I mean by “talk” is: all of us are beyond the time in our life where we feel we must figure out, fix, seduce, save, change, disentangle, live up to the mysterious standards of, educate, enrapture, or otherwise try to understand the opposite gender. I think we’ve all just given up on that futility. A man is who he is. Take it or leave it. (and women too, for that matter) He likes you or he doesn’t. That’s it. And I have the only real sex tip I need, which is: PAY ATTENTION.


What a relief. I never have to do another quiz in a Cosmopolitan magazine.




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