Something in the Water

Sometimes I just want to buy a chunk of land up North, raise fainting goats and chickens and grow out my leg hair.

I’m allergic to water.IMG_0827

I knew it was something ubiquitous. More specifically, I am allergic to the sulfites in the water. Never dawned on me until tonight. I’ve been allergic to sulphites since I was little and I do check processed foods for additives and such and know the usual suspects, but it never dawned on me that those bastards would stick it in my water too! Not only is it found in mineral water but also in bottled water to varying degrees. Apparently Evian, Dasani, Pellegrino and Perrier are very bad. I figured this out today because I am on a strict elimination diet and I had a little perrier as a treat and it was a full on itchy bitchy festival within half an hour and bottled water was the only new thing on the menu.

Just passing on that info for anyone who may be interested:


So many of us are drinking bottled water nowadays, I wonder if that’s kicked up the allergic tolerance for naturally occurring sulfites in things like onions, garlic, black pepper and tomatoes? We pump our air, water, food, homes and bodies full of chemicals and we wonder why we’re physically mentally and emotionally unwell. Hm…

Even the plot of land with the fainting goats is contaminated…like Wells, BC, with the beautiful lakes and creeks all orange with iron from the mines. Every seed: patented. Every buffet of wind: full of electromagnetic waves. Is there a spot on Earth that’s pure anymore? The top of some mountains? Parts of the Antarctic? The bottom of the ocean? If there is…I should never go there. I’d ruin it. I am contaminated.

And on that cheery note, here’s a sweet sulfite free song from New Zealand’s Brooke Fraser:


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  1. Leah

    oh man, it sucks that you’re allergic to the water…. or rather that “something in the water” …arrrgh… love that song though!

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