Show Hair

One of my favourite things about being in a show is having the luxury of sitting at the make up table with a head full of hot rollers and apply my make up. I love having that hour and a half to physically transform into someone else. In this case, someone who obviously spends more time on their hair than I ever do. I love applying make up and feeling those little brushes across my skin. They caress every crinkle, curve and smooth plain and there’s an acceptance. “This is what my face looks like, now, at this age.” And for a moment I remember the truth: my body is art. For a moment I am lifted from the heavy judgment I give it every single day and am grateful for the story carved into it. I am not a blank canvas.

Photo on 2013-11-15 at 1.06 AM #8

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  1. donna-lea

    ….and that’s your five minute call everyone. hair. petticoats. lacing. boots. mostly hair. in curlers. you made me laugh at every five minute call. so excited to see you in the show. xo

    1. Lucia Frangione

      Great to see you last night, PDLF! haha, I give myself a little more time now…learning the joys of being early. Am I growing up? God forbid! xo

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