Continue Mandela

images-4How does a person keep the faith when they are in prison for twenty-seven years of their life? How do they emerge out of that dark pit of injustice and brutality and go on to rule a nation successfully through very difficult years with temperance, reconciliation and relative peace at the age of seventy one? How do they keep this activism up well into their nineties, particularly regarding humanitarianism and AIDS? It is never too late to do something remarkable. Nelson Mandela is the first face of peace for me, and perhaps for my entire generation. What an honor it is to walk the earth the same time he did. In what way, in my privileged corner of the world, can I continue on with the work he did?


I think I’ll start by giving to the AIDs Vancouver food bank. They serve over 800 families in Vancouver who are affected and right now their shelves are empty. In a wealthy city like this. People are going hungry. This fact always surprises me:



photo by Kate Webb, Metro Paper

Thank you, Mandela, and all of those who rallied around you for the same causes.


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