I forgot about “it”.

“It” always comes.

No use waiting for “it”, I don’t know what “it” is or when it will decide to arrive. The only way to prepare for “it” is to be healthy, have an updated resume and live life with open eyes.

My history will prove that “it” always comes.

I have seen this wide open year as a worrisome failure somehow on my part. I must be doing something wrong.

I’ve been very unkind to me. The things I’ve said I would not say to my worst enemy. Why? Why do I get all military on me when I have plenty of grace for others?

Time to stop worrying and start preparing. “It” might come sooner than I think.


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  1. David Pink

    You are what you believe! Change your mind, create a new reality for yourself. Hold the vision and leave the details to the Universal Manager (GOD). I guarantee this works! Thanks for being you as you share your life with all of us. There is much love out here for YOU!!

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