wonder loss

Imagine. There was a time before free porn. If I took off my clothes it may actually cause a little wonder. Imagine the time when even a real Cassanova might only see dozens, maybe hundreds of paper or real women, not thousands by the time he’s old enough to get an erection. What is it like to have your innocence robbed in one second? In the click of a thumb? To have your eyes raped? Little boys. And little girls.

Imagine there was a time when you didn’t have to see hard porn if you didn’t choose to. If someone looking for the Christian school I teach at mistakenly types in Rosebud.com instead of Rosebud.ca, they get full frontal female nudity with the ad “as young as they cum” “all anal all the time”.

Imagine there was a time when our¬†civilization did not intentionally breed discontent in order to sell night creme. I might be able to lie here naked without feeling the need to apologize for everything that would get me kicked off the assembly line, my stamp of manufacturer’s approval, my two year warrantee on parts. I might actually believe someone when they told me they find me lovely and not assume they’re lying to be kind or kind to be lying next to me.

Imagine there was a time before anal bleaching.

Image. In.

There was an age when we all expected to age and it did not automatically mean we were no longer worthy of love.


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  1. Bill Rummel

    To believe them you ust first believe yourself. What do YOUbelieve.


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