airport kindness


sweaty dance shoot on a 12 hr day!

Stuck in the Houston airport trying to block out the “latest report” on recently released details about Robin William’s suicide. Vultures. Vultures. A man died. Have some god damn respect for the family. You don’t own him and you never did.

A couple in their seventies wearing flip flops and cruise wear are whispering very naughty things to each other in the waiting line in front of me. I overhear a word that starts with a hard C. I try not to openly giggle at their audacity. He puts his hand around her waist and she gazes at him so warmly. Her toes are crossed over each other with arthritis and painted tulip pink. His eyebrows are wild and white and bushy. He wiggles them at her, knowingly. I want to say to them, “I love you guys so much.”

My fellow is texting me to keep me entertained. Despite the delay he’s picking me up in his “I’m not asking” way, in four hours.  I’m learning he’s a man with a plan and his plan is to be very good to me.

I didn’t get to see much of Miami. I ran out of time and money. Last night my mojito cost me my lunch money. Alfonso was my bartender and he upsold me a nicer rum. Twenty dollars! The bum. But how could I resist? Alfonso…Alfonso and his chestnutness had me convinced. I did see a bit of the Wynwood arts district and the incredibly cool graffiti gardens.

My driver picked me up early there and was clearly in agony. Turns out a woman treats him poorly. There was traffic so I got the whole story. He doesn’t seem the type to talk about his love life: a capable ambitious attractive young man. But his heart is spilling out of him – he’s at a loss. This woman has taken his heart for a ride and thrown it over a cliff. I listen and hum and nod and coo with compassion. Then I finally say, “Nobody means to be cruel, but they still can be. Do you believe there might be someone out there who is capable of treating you kindly? Because to be honest, I don’t know if I believed that myself until God or the universe or online dating plunked one right in front of me!”

Oh, the line is moving, we are finally going to fly out of Texas and back to Vancouver.

I watch the most boring movie on earth: The Draft. I now know more about football than I ever wanted to and wondering why Jennifer Garner agreed to do such a stupid useless role. The hours go by so slowly. I pick up my disappointing David Sedaris and read another witty mean spirited cynical story and find his glimmer of redemption unconvincing. Sorry David. I’d rather take staring out at the sky than be dragged through any more of what seems like deadpan self protection. This trip is longer than Europe as it is. Finally we are home. I walk then trot then run past the slower passengers to arrivals. I have no baggage. I am free. I burst through the doors and my fellow is waiting for me smack dab in the middle of the greeting area and kisses me.



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