the tough and the tender

I went public today. Red lipstick, heels and bandages. I headed out for a reading of a new play at the Arts Club. (I was an actor not the writer) It was a huge draft with many great changes. I never doubted it would get somewhere because he’s a terrific writer and he had the bones of a good idea. imagesBut still, it is thrilling to see something grow like that, right in front of my eyes. Never gets tired. To see a story realized. My students have been submitting some pretty great drafts too. All these baby stories growing around me.

(which reminds me: if you want to take a class with me do so ASAP, we start Monday…http://www.langara.bc.ca/continuing-studies/programs-and-courses/programs/creative-writing/courses.html)

I come home and Fellow is making dinner and kids are playing. They’re inventing jokes together as they toss a ball. They’re making each other belly laugh and they’re chatting freely. I lay with an icepack on my tum and smile deeply. To overhear something grow like that. Right in front of my ears. Never gets tired. To listen to a friendship realize. Their voices happy jocular easy, becoming familiar. UnknownSound history growing around me.

Fellow takes a break from cooking to come over and kiss me and tell me how he misses me. He’s been on me about how I spend money. And I’ve been on him for being such a “Taurus”. But I don’t doubt this is going somewhere. It’s thrilling to experience love grow right in front of my heart. Never gets tired. To feel the trust deepen. The tough and the tender side of intimacy, growing around me. The Bull and the Lion null by Philip Webb 1831-1915



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