why say “sugar’ when you can say “Athol Fugard”?!

I might decide on a radical change of lifestyle by this weekend. Fellow and I have been talking about what we really want our future to look like and we have started really listening to and believing the kids. I guess with the passing of my beloved Nonna, I am also thinking of legacy. I will keep you in suspense until we are quite certain, but let me tell you, it will result in some new material for the blog, that’s for sure! And this is entirely why I keep making bold choices: so I always have literary fodder.


It’s been three weeks since my operation and I’m getting pretty tired of being in chronic pain. I don’t realize I’m irritable until my GBC looks at me quizzically and asks me what is bothering me in particular. (sometimes I call Fellow my Great Big Caucasian because he’s so tall and fair, which is much better than what he calls himself: a big pasty guy with a shaved head and ears) I am also irritable because there’s a boat load of theatre going on and a lot of it is being created by my good friends and I better get better in time to see it! I especially want to see the incredible Nathan Schmidt in Under the Lintel at Pacific Theatre until Jan 31st, a new play by a whimsical former student Mary J Eden being performed out at TWU this next week, All that Fall with Leanna Brodie in it (though I cannot stand “theatre of the absurd” largely, I do love Leanna) and Valley Song, an Athol Fugard play directed by Jovanni Sy at the Gateway. Which brings me to the point: I think Athol Fugard is a GREAT swear word.Unknown-1 Try it. It’s very satisfying. Not to blaspheme the awesome playwright, but to celebrate his audacity. Athol Fugard!

This week my daughter has also decided to be an atheist. I’m nodding. I’m listening. Some slapdash moron has summed up Christianity for her as some “big man in the sky” and the Bible “just a bunch of old guys wrote” and that Jesus “was not real and we can’t prove he ever lived” and that “the big bang theory is the REAL story, not some stupid garden of Eden.” I don’t know who has been talking to her but certainly this is not representative of any Christianity we have presented to her. (Athol Fugard!) So, today I started with a reading of the Beattitudes and the possibility that God is the big bang. She said, “Will you be mad if I decide that I don’t believe in God?” And I said, “You must always question what you believe and keep thinking. You must decide for yourself what makes sense. The only thing that would make me upset is if you stopped wondering.”

This is more of a catch up than a creative well built story, my dear readers. But, this is what I have for you today. Scattered, a bit like my brain. But I’m sure through life changing events, stitches and crisis’ of faith, we will return to the glory of story again.Unknown-2

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