getting cut from the Titanic

Today I am thinking of my great grandfather, Albert Aris. He was a concert pianist good enough to make the short list of entertainers on the RMS Titanic in 1912. I’m sure he was very bummed to have been cut at the last minute. Bummed from April 10 to April 15th. I am also thinking of a dear friend who hadn’t performed for a long time and was up in a small town in Northern BC considering changing careers in her late forties and heading into seniors’ aid when she got that impossible magical phone call from a producer in Manhattan. I am thinking of R who came back from stage 4 lymphoma. I am thinking of my mother and her tenacity. I am thinking of the fact one of my plays sat for six years with no commission and it is suddenly getting a three city co-pro. I am thinking of T who was a dye in the wool bachelor for decades and then one of his first girlfriends reconnected with him and they fell into giddy love and got married in their fifties. You just never know.images

I meet up for a wonderful walk today with my dear friend, Jim. This is a treat because he lives on the other side of the country. Jim is a true gentleman who strides beside the sea in a true gentleman’s cap. And whenever we cross the street, he always sweeps around to the outside of the road, allowing me, the lady, to stay splash free. Never mind I’m wearing yoga pants and a hoodie.

I ask him, “What is it like to be an introverted child?” He pauses thoughtfully (something I have learned about introverts) and speaks about the value of one on one communication and how socializing with a crowd is exhausting. He speaks about seeking out those who are authentic because introverts aren’t big on facade. He recalls being misunderstood. He reminds me still waters run deep as we stroll under Burrard bridge. Ah yes. Like Jim. Like perhaps Rene. Like Poul. Like Jeremy. All these quiet intensely beautiful people I have the pleasure of knowing.

Jim’s nature reminds me of the Boy. A quiet sensitive genius who surprises with spurts of public performance. When you earn a smile from one of these guys, the whole sky opens up. The Boy has been on my mind lately. It’s not so easy to blend a family. Ever been inside a blender?

Jim smiles kindly and invites me to trust time and trust goodness.

Yes. I also know this is a wonderful beginning.

The seedling pushes away the weight of the earth.Unknown



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