in search of a title

I have to admit, I usually ace my titles. They are just never a problem for me. I usually know my title when I write up my one pager. But this time I have struggled for years to come up with one. Unknown-1Here is what it used to be called – followed by the comments I got from the dramaturge, my agent or the artistic director I was speaking to at the time:

Sanctuary – too religious sounding and also the title of a sci-fi tv show

Haven – also the title of a sci-fi tv show

Big Moon – sounds like a bum

Frankie and the Moon – sounds too much like Frankie and Johnny at the Clair de Lune

Frankie Armitage – not marketable, boring, doesn’t tell the story

Interior of a Girl – sounds like a vagina

Interior Girl – sounds like material girl but in denim

Pictures of the Interior – sounds like a boring slide show

The Golden Hour – Good! I like it! Sounds vaguely like religious iconography, Spanish…the guy is old world…the peeps are questioning their faith, the world is a scary place, etc etc. (my reply: are you thinking of the right play? This is the play about the widow who moves with her daughter to the cottage near Kamloops…) reply: Oh no! I was thinking of the play with the priest where the kid kills herself my reply: I will be sure to use that as promo material for Leave of Absence. lol. Other comments were: sounds like Henry Fonda or Chinese Take out – sounds like a senior’s home, and I LOVE IT.

The Blue Hour – too obscure, too many novels and a Mamet monologue named that

Barefoot at Blue Hour – sounds like a bad name for an indigenous person in a bad western

Barefoot in Blue Hour – sounds like Barefoot in the Park

Beauty of the Blue Hour – too poetic and now we’ve completely lost the audience regarding what the play is about, bring the name of Frankie back, like Frankie and the Moon but not

A home for Frankie – sounds like a lost dog

Frankie and the Man in the Moon – sounds like a kid’s show

Frankie and the Harvest Moon, Frankie and the Big Moon, Frankie and the Full Moon – back to the Frankie and Johnny problem

A family for Frankie – too “on the nose”

Blue Hour Red Lake – Red Lake is cold rainy and in Northern Ontario – yech. People won’t think of the Kamloops Red Lake.

Interior Panorama – no way

Rain Shadow, Winter Snag, Night Time Cooling,  Blue Hour Cherry Creek, Naughty Widow of Noble Creek, God Shoot me Now? – keep trying

OOF (out of focus) – um…no.

Play number 26?

Sanctuary? The TV has been cancelled?

And so the search continues. But the good news is: three different cities will be doing this “yet to be named” little beauty, and I have a name for that: Grateful.





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