an unexpected jig

The crescent moon smiles in the sky so giddy and wide, it must have had too much champagne. Venus twinkles like the moon’s diamond earring…she’s lost the other one. Oh, it’ll be somewhere in the galaxy. Unless the vacuum sucks it up. Yeah, this gal is kind of upside down and sideways and not really representing Islam tonight. But she fits the San Francisco skyline just fine.images

I pass an old Yeye on the corner of Irving and 9th. He is playing jingle bells on the Erhu over and over and over again. Does he wonder why he isn’t getting tips…? And yet every child who goes by him in a stroller starts bouncing and laughing and singing along, “I know this one, I know this one!”

Today we walked up the steep end of Taylor near Broadway, over and over and over again, to get a great Reservoir dogs kind of shot. The wild green parrots of Telegraph hill  sqwawked as my puppies started to bark. UnknownAn actor new to me, Joe, got really inventive and made it fun. He kept changing up his walk, making it active and after about four different options for the director for his solo jaunt he said offhand, “I could dance”. (He’s playing a thug.) And I chuckled, thinking he was joking. JP, to my surprise, said “Hell, why not?” And this guy breaks out into this incredible routine you’d see in an LA hip hop video. Not to miss out on any fun, JP said, “Okay, now let’s all get in there” and we had a dance take in the middle of the intersection as Cathy stopped traffic and a cop car rolled on.images-1


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