forgetting to eat

I was out with skinny friends tonight who simply forget to eat. So, only one meal today for Lucia. But, there were snacks at rehearsals so I ate a lot, a LOT of crackers and cheese. Now I’m home, polishing off a bag of raw arugula in an effort to create a balanced meal. I wash it down with some Gran Marnier because I’m sure to have a stomach ache anyway. I kick up my feet in my little San Fran apartment and smile: it’s been a great day. We had rehearsals tonight and it was a fun reunion with some of the actors and crew from the last film I did here and a host of new ones. I found my character when I slipped on an excellent blue red coat. “Ah, there you are, my lady…I’ve been waiting for you to arrive in me.”

Safely alone, I delicately pull a frond of arugula from my incisor and think of all the friends of mine who forget to eat…they’re all skinny. Hm. And often pale. And none of them are related to me.





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