If we sit for too long, does our body assume we are waiting to die? Day two of the 10,000 steps and my energy has shot through the roof. I woke up at 5am and decided to take the 5:30 ferry. Normally I would find this an ungodly idea at an ungodly hour. But this morning I was excited to snake along the roads in the dark and hop on the quiet boat over the black water. Usually I sit in my car. It’s only a twenty minute ferry. And I take about five minutes to walk out and catch the view. But this morning I walked around and around while we sailed, past the sleepers behind the wheel. Past the commuters on their phones over their travel mugs of coffee. Past the meditating lady in lotus pose on the chairs by the cafeteria. I headed up to the view deck at the very top. Something I would never do in winter, too cold, I pushed the door open, expecting a wind, but I was sheltered, being at the back of the boat. It was gorgeous up there! The quiet wake, the flapping of the BC flag, the bright bright stars overhead. I had the whole starship enterprise to myself.Unknown

What would I have normally done? Checked facebook for insomniac posters. Maybe played a game of scrabble against a machine. And I would have missed all this inky glory.

I can feel my body leap with joy that I am moving more. I can feel it say, “Oh hooray! We thought we were winding down for the debilitating finish.”

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