cardboard condo for bunny

We’re going to get a bunny this week. We are prepping like we would for the arrival of a new baby. This isn’t a phase as I thought it might be. Nora has wanted a bunny for years now. I guess the bunny fixation started with me. I call Nora “Bunny” affectionately, named after her great grandmother, Bunny Brackney. (She married an Aris but gee, I love that alliteration: Bunny Brackney.) Nora has spent hours watching youtube videos on rabbit care and has sheets of notes she goes over with me. She’s making a bunny “mobile” to bat around, and is working on a “cardboard bunny condo”. She’s done her research and she knows exactly what breed: a Holland lop in black, pretty please!

I think I’m going to like this pet. It’s quiet and gentle and does something called a “binky”.images-2

The class bully was making fun of my daughter’s eyebrows this week. Her eyebrows. That’s the other thing she was googling, terrified she may have a “uni”. I assured her she did not. Then I introduced her to Frida Kahlo. “Frida had a loud and proud uni. And can anyone say she wasn’t beautiful?”

We had a good meeting with the principal this week. Problem solving for next year. Like, maybe put her in a class with a peer? This horrible semester is almost over, then two solid months of freedom for my little one. Yesterday, I was listening to her sing in church beside me, her sincere young wobbly vibrato. And they let her light the christ candle. I love the United Church for that. A child greets the congregation with that hopeful symbol. Her voice was confident and clear, speaking out to hundreds. “Christ be with you”. And Christ be with every little blonde hair between your eyebrows.Unknown-2

I sublet our place in town today for a reasonable price. Of course it went immediately. My Fellow said, a bit dismayed, “That’s a steal, we could have charged more.” I said, “We could have.” He sighed, “I’m getting tired of being charged an arm and leg for everything and then giving away our things for less.” I slide in – “Like – a Christian?” He looked sideways at me. I added, “Just because we can charge more, doesn’t mean we should. People are desperate.” He leaves his well worded woman who likes to be right on the deck and continues to water the blueberries.

He is also right. And he’s the one who just pulled a 24 hour shift the other night.

I think of the bunny cardboard condo. If only it was that easy.images-1


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