a little note about the children

Dear Readers, I have decided to remove any specifics about Fellow’s child at one of the parent’s request. I have only briefly mentioned this child five times anyway and have never given away any names. I have kept it minimal, not because this child isn’t a beautiful and important part of my life, but because I care deeply about this child’s feelings. I want to honour this child’s privacy and the wishes of both parents. In the past, I have revealed the gender and shared a few precious moments because they were so touching and celebratory of this child. But I have chosen to erase these and from this point on will refer to “the kids” generally. I am writing to tell you this to explain why I have rewritten five of my posts, but also to ask you not to refer to this child in your comments, not that you ever have, but – you know – due diligence. As Nora gets older too, I will be asking her permission before writing anything that is specific to her. Thank you for your understanding as I navigate my way through memoir land. Sincerely, Lucia

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