three generations all voting differently

Tomorrow my daughter is going to give a speech as Elizabeth May to her class. She’s pored over the Green party’s platform with me and together we’ve broken down things to a grade five level of understanding. What is a pension? Why are old people poor in our country? What is a pipeline? What happens when it bursts? What is a tuition? Why does it cost so much to go to school? Why do some first nations reserves not have clean water? What does refugee mean? She asks me if I’m voting green and as much as I adore pretty much everything that comes out of Elizabeth May’s mouth, I am going to vote strategically.

My husband is off to vote Liberal in his riding Unknownand I’m off to vote NDP in mine. I’ve done more research on my local MP and the potential federal leaders and the party platforms that I ever have before. Jenny Kwan is my girl. This is the first time I remember such an uproar on my facebook and twitter feeds. First time I’ve seen teenagers marching down the streets with placards. First time I’ve seen megaphones downtown shouting out a plea to fire Harper. No matter what anyone votes tomorrow, it is very exciting for me to see our renewed interest in our own democracy.

I run to the Bowen general store and see the front page of the Sun and the National Post with full page Tory ads. That level of propaganda frightens me. The guy next to me in line leans in and mumbles, “Talk about Big Brother”. Another says, “Holy crap, that tells you how much money the conservative party has. And that tells you they’re worried about BC.”

Nora’s speech can be viewed here: Movie on 2015-10-19 at 8.46 AM

I was raised in Alberta. When I was young the Conservative party meant Joe Clark. I understood it then. Can’t get more honest than Joe! Many members of my family still vote PC, so we try not to talk politics over turkey. Contrary to what my relatives likely believe, I’m not a bleeding heart pinko. There are some things I agree with in the conservative party platform. It’s the atrocities that get me down. That said, some things about the NDP are a bit pie in the sky. I like the liberal platform best but I am distracted by Justin Trudeau’s sibilant S. Unknown-1

My daughter asks, “What about Obama?” I say, “Obama is American, honey.” “But can’t he get his citizenship and run for prime minister here? Because he can’t run any longer in the USA, right?” I chuckle. Smarty pants. “If we’re talking long shots, let’s go back to the idea of Elizabeth May.”

I am excited to vote tomorrow. I am proud that we, as a nation, are getting off our asses and keeping our democratic right alive. I am so thankful that the tide seems to be turning, that people seem to be doing some research, that all politicians are scrambling. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I am not even sure I know what I want to happen tomorrow. I just know there is going to be a welcome change.

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